Plants And Shrubs For Landscaping

May 27, 2015 |

Sometimes the only way to truly brighten up a garden is to introduce any shrubs into it. They add a touch of color and they are fairly easy to maintain too. With so much choice available it is hard not to find something which you like and you should notice that it can make a big difference to your garden having the right type of shrubs.

Which Shrubs Should You Choose For Your Garden?

Each shrub looks different and so they will bring different results to the landscaping. This means that you should plan ahead and see what the overall look is that you are trying to achieve. Once you know that you can then start to research the types of shrubs available.

Some of the most common shrubs include:


Azaleas are flowering shrubs and they can look really pretty when they are in bloom. Although they only have one flower per stem, they do have a lot of stems which means that when they are in bloom, they have a lot of color! They tend to do best when grown in acidic garden soil in a shady position. There are also various different species of Azalea so you will need to research to see which one is best for you as any need regular pruning.

The Hardy Shrub Rose

The Hardy Shrub Rose is a fairly popular type of shrub and they come in beautiful colors. They are ideal to maintain and unlike other roses they are disease resistant and they tend to bloom all season. They can really be planted anywhere so they are great for any garden.


Hydrangea plants again add plenty of color to the garden and one of their best advantages includes the fact that they are extremely easy to grow. They are best used for borders and in fairly large containers. Definitely a shrub for most gardens!

As well as the ones mentioned above there are also many more. The mistake many people make when thinking of shrubs is that they are just green and they have no color. Obviously after reading the descriptions above you will notice that shrubs do in fact have color and often quite a lot of it! They truly can brighten up the garden and if used in borders or in flower beds, they will really make the garden look unique. Just remember that although they are fairly easy maintenance, they still need any looking after and it is always best to research every plant you get beforehand.

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