Low Maintenance Plants For Landscaping

December 5, 2015 |

A lot of people like the look of flower beds and vegetable gardens in their landscaping, but don’t like to put in the effort necessary to maintain it. The solution is low maintenance landscaping.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

The easiest lawns to care for are those that are simply lush green grass. No trees, no flowers, no other plants to worry about. Water the lawn when needed, break out the lawnmower once a week, and that’s all there is too it! No mowing around tree roots, and no necessity to get down on your knees to weed flower or vegetable beds.

Attractive as this all-grass landscaping is, most people think it is not enough. At the very least they want the splash of color that flowers provide.

The solution is a simple one instead of digging out a flower bed…and then regretting it and wishing you’d placed it somewhere else try a movable flowerbed. In other words, flowers and plants of all kinds placed in pots.

The benefit of keeping your flowers in pots is that you can place them anywhere you like, and in any design. And once you tire of where the flowers are, you simply move them somewhere else. If some flowers or plants don’t survive for some reason, it’s easy enough to replace them with other kinds.

The design
It’s easy enough to group the pots around a common theme, with smaller pots in front and larger parts in the back. Or add a couple of wooden benches (portable, of course), upon which you can place the pots.

The pots
Whatever flowers and plants you decide to put in your pots, the key to an attractive landscape is to ensure that all the pots you use are of the same style, or of complimentary styles. Because you’ll be moving the pots around you’ll want them to be light enough to carry.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use large planters stone pots or wooden buckets for small trees which you’d use to flank your front door, or even the front of the path leading up to your home.

The weather
Rainstorms or cold weather will no longer hold any fears for you. Simply bring in your pots of flowers and keep them safe and sound inside until the weather becomes more clement.

Portable problems
The only problem with having a portable landscape is that…it is portable. So its best to bring in your pots at night so that they don’t disappear on you. Indeed, having to constantly bring in your pots at night is the only drawback to having a movable landscape, but the vast array of creativity that it opens up to you makes it more than worth it.

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