Invisible Fence For Dogs Wireless

December 3, 2015 |

Unlike traditional fences, a wireless dog fence is completely invisible and has two function. Firstly it is a safe and humane way to keep your dog safe in an area that you choose and at the same time it helps to keep your yard beautiful. As far as its installment and maintenance is considered it is easy. Unlike other pet containment systems, a wireless dog fence consists of a transmitter that has to be put anywhere in your house where it is safe plug it in, setting the boundaries. It is simple and does not require any buried wires or cables. Maintenance of a wireless fence requires keeping the transmitter dry and fresh batteries in the collar. Wireless fence lessens your headache of painting and watching for the termites that would destroy your chain link or vinyl fence.

This wireless pet fence (PIF-300) has a six level receiver collar for dogs that weigh eight pounds and up is created to work on any dog, regardless of its personality. The working of the system depends on the radio signal send by the transmitter around your house which is received by the collar that the dog wears. The signal tells the dog is in the safety zone and is free to run around and play whereas the beeping sound reminds the dog approaching the boundary of the signal area. If the dog still does not care the beep then, it will receive a mild electronic correction.

The PIF-300 model has an adjustable radius shaped like a circle, which is unchangeable and varies from 15 to 90 feet from the transmitter. To create a larger area two or more regular transmitters are used. Furthermore this particular unit is made for 72 inches flat yards and if your area covers larger area then you need a second transmitter, one on the high side and one on the low side. The PIF-300 wireless dog fence with a power converter and the transmitter can also be taken on vacation. An indoor unit is also available that is recommended for dogs six months or older that weigh at least eight pounds.

A wireless dog fence is completely safe for you, your kids, and your dog. The slightest correction your dog receives from the wireless fence is harmless and it deters the dog to stay away from the boundaries. Once your dog learns the boundaries of the wireless dog fence, then there is no need to use the unit any more.

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