How To Repair Leaking Roof

September 2, 2015 |

Atlanta Roofing Contractor Saves Customer More Than $23,000

Atlanta GA Roofing Contractor, AllSouth Roofing Cont. Saved one customer more than $23,000 by solving the customers Roof leak Problems and NOT installing a new Roof! Rarely do you find a company willing to pass up a profitable piece of work in an attempt to save its customers’ money, and how many times can you remember an Atlanta homeowner being saved thousands of dollars by the company offering to correct their problem.

In Alpharetta Georgia, AllSouth Roofing Contractors has been in business since 1999, and the mission statement for this Atlanta-Alpharetta Roofing Contractor is to produce the best top quality work possible to in turn produce loyal roofing customers, not just satisfied roofing customers. In 2009 one specific customer had received a recommendation about AllSouth roofing after he had met with his insurance adjuster and two other roofing contractors in the area. The two previous Atlanta Roof Contractor had come out to the Alpharetta residence of this customer to provide a solution for a roof leak that the customer had been experiencing during hard rains. Subsequently, the first two roofing contractors, we will call roofing contractor A and contractor B inspected the roof to ascertain the severity of the roofing problem. The home was built in 2001 and had a premium shingle product with a 30 yr manufacturers warranty. Roofing Contractor A and Roofing Contractor B both instructed the homeowner, that the roof had been damaged and was ageing prematurely and must be replaced. The home was considerably large and had a large roof area and steep slope. These factors in addition to the fact that the Architectural shingle to replaced was of considerable expense, caused the proposals to tear off the old roof and replace it with a new roof, would cost more than $24,000. The Insurance adjuster disputed the claims of roofing Contractor A and Roofing Contractor B, but everyone knows that Insurance adjusters don’t need to pay claims, even when they are valid.

The homeowner continued to struggle with the insurance provider and he agent, to now avail, until one Sunday afternoon. On this particular Sunday afternoon, the customer who had been struggling to solve the roof leak problem spoke to the husband of his wife’s tennis partner, and that’s when the referral of Atlanta AllSouth Roof Contractor was given. The following week, a representative of AllSouth Roofing Contractors arrived out to inspect the client’s roof and attempt to solve the roof leak problem. After a careful roof inspection, AllSouth Roofing’s Atlanta roof repair representative was willing to give his information to the customer. The homeowner did not expect much of a difference from the proposals presented by roofing Contractor A and B. To the homeowners’ sheer delight, the AllSouth Roofing Contractor Representative explained that the problem could be corrected and a solution provided for at a price of $1,389.00. The AllSouth Roofing Representative showed the homeowner, from inside his attic, where the roof leaks were occurring, and that the roof leaks could be rectified by Changing the metal chimney cap and providing a flange to deflect water and additionally sealing the mortar joints and bricks of both chimneys. This Atlanta roof leak repair solution worked to perfection, the roof never needed to be replaced, and the customer paid $1,389.00 instead of purchasing an entire new roof with a cost of more than $24,000.

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