How To Landscape A Front Yard

October 31, 2015 |

Most people like to have big gardens in the front yard of their homes. However, there are homes that have small front yards. Could a beautiful garden be made in a space which is only an area of only a few square meters? The answer is certainly yes.

Small front yards should not hinder a gardener from doing elaborate landscapes. Small front yard landscaping can yield spectacular gardens if one uses the space wisely.

Planning is the ultimate key to success in small front yard landscaping. It is important to have a layout. When doing this, it should be kept in mind that the area that will be worked on is quite small. Therefore, large rock formation, tall trees and big ponds are out of the question.

Also, it is well worthy to note that curves, rather than straight lines, can make a garden appear bigger than it is.

Another technique in small front yard landscaping is to build up, rather than building out. That means using raised flower beds for the plants. The effect is rather like a set of stairs with plants on each level.

Another idea is to plant in containers only. Container planting saves a lot of space since the gardener doesn’t have to dig and place the plants on the ground. Instead, each plant is confined in the space of a container. The containers can then be arranged according to the gardener’s preference. Since they are portable, the gardener can change the landscape as often as needed.

The two small front yard landscaping techniques described above can also give the perception of a large garden.

Another consideration is the color of the plants. Colors can affect perception and can make the garden look larger or smaller than it actually is. Cool colors such as blue or green to make the garden look larger. Plants with such colors include evergreens, Alberta pine and blue spruce.

While it may not be feasible to have a large rock formation, a small rock garden in a corner would provide a very nice focal point. Even a raised bed of carefully chosen rocks set up against a house or a fence would look very attractive.

Do not rule out water features in small front yard landscaping either. They can be visually appealing. A five feet square pond filled with colorful fish, for example, can become a focal point in the garden. The same can be applied with a small birdbath.

So, a small area should not limit the imagination. In fact, with a touch of creativity, it can be as beautiful as a large garden but with much lesser cost.

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