How To Build A Flat Roof

June 15, 2014 |

Leonardo and Jessica both had extremely hectic work schedule. When they decided to settle down in Toronto, it was a difficult choice for them whether they wanted to buy an apartment or build their own house. They had three kids and aging parents. They visited a few apartments in Toronto as well as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). On weekends they visited apartments in Milton, Oakville, Markham and Ajax etc. However, though the apartments were big, those were not big enough to accommodate the whole of the family comfortably. So after much thought and discussion they decided to buy a standalone home.

Leonardo’s parents loved gardening hence they preferred a house with any back yard and garden. After much search they found a suitable one. Since they could not afford constructing a new one, they settled for a moderately new construction. The person’s whose house they bought was a bachelor living in New York. He had constructed the house for his ailing mother three years back. And since his mother passed away, he wanted to sell off the house. At their first visit to the site, the architecture and the plan struck Jessica. She also loved the kitchen garden. The house was almost new and unused, but well maintained. It also fitted the budget, so there was no delay in taking the decision to go for it.

Jessica, Leonardo and the whole family was extremely excited to have finally found a house of their choice. The house was big enough to accommodate the whole family comfortably and had sufficient outdoor space for the children to go out and play.

Within a mo they moved in and started living peacefully. After a mo of pleasant weather, the rains started. Initially there was no problem, but one night after storm and torrent rains, they found that the roof was leaking in any areas. There were pools of water on the ground of the dining room and one of the bedrooms. Jessica, the children and the parents were shocked. Leonardo knew it meant a considerable additional expenses and trouble.

The very next morning Jessica named up a friend to find out the number of any reliable Toronto Roofers. This colleague, Jessica knew, had got her house built in recent years so she should know who are good. Her friend gave Jessica a few contact numbers and recommended one named the Re roof. This is a locally owned company which had been operational for quite any time. The company features among the best Toronto Roofers and provide with all kinds of Toronto Roofing solutions. They undertake both residential and commercial projects and flat roofs as well as thatched roofs. However, the friend was not sure if this Roofing Toronto solution provider also had the emergency services division.

But a mere call at the office did wonder. The Re roof people confirmed that they had emergency service and the problem resolution time frame is around 2 days. They visited the house gave an estimation and in the next two days the team of crew worked like true professionals and got the roof fixed. The cost was quite reasonable and the roof looked as if it had been newly installed.

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