How Much Do Roofing Shingles Cost

November 21, 2014 |

If your home needs a new roof, one of the first questions homeowners have is, ‘how much is it going to cost me?’ New roofs have the reputation for being one of the more costly home improvement projects and oftentimes, they are needed unexpectedly. If you think you will need a new roof in the next few months, here are some pricing considerations that Hamilton roofing contractors want you to know.

Determining What Types Of Materials You Want To Use

The number a thing that affects the cost of a new roof is what type of materials that your Hamilton roofing contractors are going to use. There are many several kinds of shingles, from asphalt, to wood, to metal and each type can come with a different warranty. Ask your Hamilton roofing contractors to explain the differences between each type and they should be able to help you weigh the costs and benefits so you can be sure you’re getting the right one for your house in the budget you can afford.

However, it isn’t just the shingles that can affect the price of your job. Ask what kinds of materials the contractor will use underneath the shingles. If the shingle should become compromised, this underlay becomes the next layer of defense for your home, so it is important not to skip this step.

Your Home Can Determine Much Of The Cost

What’s your house like? If it is larger than average, with a complicated design and a steep pitch, it will cost more simply because your Hamilton roofing contractors will need more materials to finish the job. Additionally a steep pitch will make it slightly more difficult for the contractor to move across the roof, although a design with multiple levels or a chimney will require multiple flashing points. All of these things combined can increase the cost of your roof replacement.

Also, if your attic wasn’t properly ventilated when it was built, your contractor should recommend vents that’ll help air flow throughout the attic. Don’t skip these! Attics that aren’t ventilated can cause massive problems, including loosening the adhesive on the shingles or voiding the warranty. Without these vents, you could find yourself calling Hamilton roofing contractors in just a few short years since your shingles could become dislodged.

Ask Multiple Hamilton Roofing Contractors For Bids

It is a good idea to contact more than one contractor for a bid before undertaking this job. Getting more than one bid can help you ensure you’re not selecting a contractor whoever has overpriced your job. However, it is also important to realize that there’s mainly a reason if a bid comes in much lower than the others. Ask to compare what each job includes and make sure you’re comparing projects that include the same types of materials for an even comparison.

If your home needs its roof replaced, make sure you’re working with qualified Hamilton roofing contractors and don’t be swayed by a low price alone. Doing this will help ensure that your home is well protected from the elements, but properly installed shingles will also be eligible for the full manufacturer’s warranty, meaning you will be taken care of in case something goes wrong.

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