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Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators are in great demand due to their simplicity of operation. They are also in great demand due to their low capital and installation cost. The major characteristics of Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators are reliability, adaptability and increased per vent capacity. Furthermore, the Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators are made of Stainless Steel Bearings which are self-lubricating as well as fully enclosed in a double row casing. The double row casing is also manufactured using stainless steel.

Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators: Working

In typical Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators, the wind rotates the vent hood which is followed by the exhaustion of the stale air through the vanes. This enhances the inward air flow. The Ventilators are not only efficient but also have a psychological appeal. They furnish a spinning motion which is quite effortless.

Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilator: Common Features

  • The Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilator is available in a variety of color finishes.
  • It is manufactured using stainless steel and its design is low-profile which lends it an aesthetic appeal.
  • The enlarged surface area and the vane’s angle enable the achievement of the required efficiency.
  • The bearings present in Wind- Driven Turbo Ventilators do not need much maintenance. Also, they are capable of withstanding extreme environments.
  • The Bearing Assembly has the attribute of low friction. It minimizes drag and gives a longer life to the Ventilator.
  • The weather vane is designed according to the principles of aerodynamics which enhances the performance of the Ventilator.
  • The nylon casing is reasonably tough. This characteristic helps in maintaining the head and axle alignment. The alignment works well even at increased wind pressures.

    Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators: Applications

  • The Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators are installed at varied industrial locations to exhaust pit gases, sulphur dioxide and methane.
  • Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators are used for removing the chlorine fumes from the enclosed swimming pools.
  • Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators are capable of reducing condensation below metal roofs that cover reservoirs or water storage tanks.
  • Wind-Driven Turbo Ventilators are meant for ventilation of gritty environments especially where particles are air-borne; obstruct a bottom bearing which is exposed to the outer environment.

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