How Do You Roof A House

September 25, 2015 |

Roofing is always a hard work. The process incorporates many smaller tasks which are complex and difficult as well. Generally, during roofing you need to break down the earlier roof, clean up the old nails, and then fix in the new roof. This output of the tasks are practice based, so for all those whoever are doing it for the first time, it would be recommended to stay careful and go slowly with the work.

People around the world use several techniques for roofing. Usually, roofing is a complicated job, which involves hard work and labor, but with cautious well-planned steps, the work may be smoothened and made easier. Here, in this article the roofing technique given are a three-stepped process, which is technically designed to ensure safety and quality of work.

The first task in the roofing process is to tear down the old roof. For this, the following steps are to be considered-

1.To break down the roof you would first need pitchfork, nail removers, shovels and pry bars. Then at first, point a corner from which you will start the process. You can start by a corner shingle by pulling it upwards using hand. For better output, it will be good to grab chunks together.

2.Once you’ve torn apart all the shingles which could be done using your hands, you can now start to use your pitchfork and shovel to remove the remaining of the shingles. Don’t forget to remove the nails along with clearing the shingles. This work will take time and it will depend on the manpower being used.

3.The last task in this step is to clear the roof from waste and sending them to the trash can or dump. For clearing the roof from unwanted nails use a nail magnet.

After completing the first step, now the work is to start putting on the roof paper. For this you will need to-

1.In installing the roof paper use a 30 weight paper. To start with this process uncovers the roofing paper and start with the bottom edge of the roof. Keep an extra bit of roof paper around inches along the borders.

2.Now to secure the roof paper with the roof, use a nail gun. You will need to put nails four inch along the bottom edges, in the middle put nails at a gap of 2 inches and at the top you will need to put nails after all inch.

3.Then, apply the second layer of roof papers by overlapping the first row by one line. After laying it down, use the initial technique to secure the paper with the roof.

4.Try to use as much roof paper as you can at the top and sides where there are chances for water to store up and roll down. The main intention of using roof paper is to create a water proof sheath before placing the shingles.

In the last step, you’re to put down the new roof and nail it down and to this-

1.Start covering the roof with shingles, again starting from the edge. For this you can use the herringbone technique in overlapping hips and valleys.

2.To cap off the roof, you need to use single shingle tabs by overlapping them at hips, valleys and crest.

With the last step of shingling down the roof, you’re complete with roofing. The techniques mentioned here are designed and formulated by experts and the ways are crafted technically in the most user friendly way as such it is simple for roof makers to follow it.

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