House Plans With Hip Roof

September 16, 2015 |

Building your own home can be an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experience. But without perfectly designed home plans to begin the customization process, it can be difficult to get started and problems can arise during construction. That’s why so many people are now choosing to utilize the home design services of Great House Design.

Spokane, Washington based Great House Design are the ideal source for a wide array of home plans and are widely considered to be one of America’s leading home design companies for those who are looking into taking on the challenge of building their own dream home.

Whether your prefer a new Georgian mansion or a small cottage by the lake, Great House Design has one of the most diverse home plan catalogues on the market today with over 9100 home plans to choose from, spanning a wide range of architectural styles. When a client first goes to their website, they will be able to select the defining characteristics of their prospective home by engaging in a proactive property search based on price, location and architectural style.

After contacting the specialists at Great House Design and expressing their drafting preferences, clients are then guided through the company’s large catalogue of stock home plans. But even if there is not a stock plan among the company’s exceptionally diverse catalogue that suites the client’s precise requirements, the specialists at Great House Design can provide clients with customizable home plans which allow for the removal or addition of key architectural elements in the plan so that clients can achieve a home design that is the requisite fit for their precise aesthetic tastes.

Once they purchase their home plans for Great Home Design, clients will receive a complete construction blueprint for their chosen home. In their blueprint package, are a set of six to nine 24 by 36 inch plan sheets drawn to a quarter inch scale. These exceptionally detailed plan sheets will showcase the entire design of the home with concise specifications concerning home elements. For example, the comprehensive home plans that the client purchases will show the placement and size of interior walls, rooms, doors, windows and similar elements for each level of the home. For homes that have lofts, upper floor framing plans are also includes in the plan set. Clients will also receive full cross-section plans, which detail the home as if it were sliced from the roof to the foundation, to provide a close-up look at the specifics of the home’s construction.

The specialists at Great House Design can streamline the entire home design process by utilizing the latest and most innovative computer aided design programs to provide plans that exhibit pinpoint accuracy and incredibly detailed floor plans. This immense attention to detail company’s offered by the company’s design services has long been commended by industry specialists such as general contractors, sub-contractors and building department officials, who have said that the level of detail and clarity offered by Great House Design’s home plans is among the best in the field.

So why wait? Contact the team at Great House Design today! They’re sure to have a house plan that matches your real estate dreams. Contact their offices today to begin your building your own customized home.

About Great House Design:

Based in Spokane, Washington, Great House Design has become one of North America’s leading architectural design companies. The company is known for their outstanding expertise in using the latest technology to design custom home plans that combine functionality and style. For more information about Great House Design, please go to greathousedesign.

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