Do It Yourself Metal Roof

August 15, 2015 |

Gone are the days where steel was restricted to skyscrapers and large industrial structures. Metal buildings and structures are becoming more and more popular in the residential sector. Many people prefer to use steel in their homes, outbuildings and carports because it is stronger and more durable and resilient than building materials of yesteryear.

Wood was the preferred building material for many years before steel emerged on the construction scene. We all know that steel is used in the manufacture of bridges, vehicles, computers and space shuttles. It seems only natural for buildings to have their share.

Steel is a ‘green’ product manufactured to specific requirements depending on the purpose of the structure. Weaknesses of splits and knots in wood are no more of concern to engineers. Steel does not twist, buckle or bend and a building that is predominantly steel will be far more resistant to fire damage. To top it all steel is 100% recyclable.

People who suffer allergies to mold and mildew are better off living in a metal building. Steel does not have the porosity or other properties which encourage mold growth. Rodents, termites and other pesky insects cannot penetrate and set up home in a steel structure. Rural areas can be more susceptible to these invasions where the structure has a wooden frame.

Steel beams may be 50 percent lighter but they are also significantly stronger than their wooden counterparts. They can sustain more weight allowing the designer to build structures with larger open spaces than in wooden frameworks. Steel can be integrated into wooden and concrete structures should the home owner so desire.

Steel roof trusses are an excellent option because less stress stress is placed on the foundations of a building. Metal roofs are also popular. Steel is a stronger yet cheaper option than wood.

Home owners can choose from a wide variety of designs and finishes when they decide to build. The exterior finish can be such that it blends in well with the surroundings on site. Do-it-yourself kits are available or you can order your own custom design. Apart from homes there are hangars, barns, storage buildings, riding arenas and churches that are completely constructed from steel.

The building components are pre-built at the factory and ready for assembly on site. This makes for a time saving project. Whereas a wooden building may take a few weeks to complete, its steel counterpart will be up and ready in a few days. Steel structures are easier on the budget because they are so much quicker to complete.

Durability and weather resistance are other advantages. Earthquakes, snowstorms and hurricanes cannot destroy a sturdy steel building. There is no need to worry about rust as the parts are all galvanized for added protection.

Metal buildings and structures will be less stressful on the budget. If you need to start small you can easily add extensions to a steel structure at a later date. The benefits of these buildings are well worth considering from an economical and environmental point of view.

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